Overview of standard workshops


Persuasion Techniques

Tips, Tricks and Traps
Science based or tried and true.

Why not use them? 

Humorous Speech Writing

A funny story or anecdote might have a bigger impact than you'd expect.

One joke per participant guarantee!
(maybe a bad joke, but a joke none the less) 

Speak Essentials

 The absolute basics when you are standing in front of an audience.

For groups who are starting out


The Nitty Gritty of Vocal Variety

Learn how to use the perfect pitch, tone, volume, pronunciation, articulation, pauzes and pace.

If a voice is all you have (like a teleconference)

Technical Presentations

On presenting data, reports and using presentation software.

The absolute worst. I mean a must! 

Talking Through a Megaphone

Take the megaphone
Hold it in front of your mouth
Push the button

Sometimes you don't need a workshop




Custom Workshop

Every organisation has its unique approach. Let's sit together and tailor the content to your teams needs. 
A custom workshop will boost your teams public speaking skills in an interactive way.