Preparing for the big stage 

Get expert feedback on your presentation and learn things like: 

  • Improve your presence and body language
  • Enunciation, vocal variety and voice projection
  • Dealing with stage fright and boosting your confidence
  • Connecting with your audience


Practice sessions

If you finally want to stop fumbling your pockets, hold meaningful eye contact or just want to stop saying uuuuuhm. The main thing you need to do is practice. 

Just reading how to become a better speaker won't make you a better speaker. During a practice session you'll get instant feedback that will prepare you once you hit the stage. 



Tough Love
I'll metaphorically kick your butt so you'll finally start practicing! (consensual and nonviolent) 

Velvet Glove
Not certain of yourself yet? No worries! We'll get there bit by bit with a soft approach.


Become a thought leader that shapes and pulls a movement.


Be Charismatic

Highlight your personality and charm to shine on stage. 
Be the better and bigger version of yourself.

Be Powerful

Master how to use your body, voice, stage presence to keep the attention of the audience.